Welcome, Chief! Pleased to meet you.

I am P B Arun Sarathy. A native Tamil-speaker.

Though P and B stand for its own expansion from the origin of my family roots, I feel that they also aptly stand for two of my lifetime passions – Programming and Blogging.

To borrow a phrase from Reid Hoffman, co-founder, and Chairman of LinkedIn, I also like to call it as Permanent Beta – always a work-in-progress.

  • Reading is my favorite pastime. If I hear the word ‘books’, it makes me turn to see who mentioned it and I’d love to start a conversation immediately.
  • Listening to music is also close to my heart.
  • I got bitten by the book bugs so many times that I even wrote few.
  • I blog on thekeyponderer.com, TechLibrary.tv and bloggerIQ.com, sharing what I learn.
  • In the last fifteen years of corporate life, I began learning taxation, accounting, blogging, self-publishing, programming, marketing, selling, website creation, designing, WordPress, Genesis Framework, content writing, people – some on the job and some as hobbies at home.
  • I strongly believe that learning is a never-ending process.

This is my personal blog where you can find some of my deep thoughts and anything that doesn’t fit into my other websites. Some of the links given on this blog are affiliate links, meaning, that I may receive a commission from the respective product owner, at no additional cost to you.

Nevertheless, if at any time you need any help in:

✓ creating websites or blogs, be it free or paid, or ✓ have WordPress related questions, just let me know. I will be more than happy to help you navigate these landscapes. Self-publishing eBooks is my another forte, in case you need some assistance in that area.

I write books but I am not a professional writer. I create apps but I am not a professional developer. I see myself as just a problem solver. I am a human being, I live as one, and die as one, I love my family.

I dislike attributing my entire life to just one profession or goal – it keeps changing – since I am a mere human, though I do everything for my family who is my first priority. Second, comes my choice to help others solve problems. Nothing more, nothing less.

Are you too on Twitter?. I like its brevity. Catch you there.