Power of Compounding

Here’s one of my favorite maths:

We run with our chores everyday with so much focus(?) that we tend to forget the ground rules of life.

Hard work always pays.

But then some say smart work beats that.

Agreed, but these phrases cannot be ‘blanket’ applied on everything in life.

Some demand hard and deep work, while the other needs smartness. The real ‘smartness’ lies in finding the difference and necessity for efforts.

This poster is a reminder that when we work more than what we can in tiny bits every day, consistently, the result is something that goes off the charts.

Books I recommend on these thoughts:

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  1. The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy
  2. The One Thing by Gary Keller
  3. Atomic Habits by James Clear


Sometimes, there is this feeling that we are not progressing in life.

But then again, I think, why is this feeling in the head, first of all?

Where did that creep in from?

Finally, after some empty staring into nothingness, and pondering, I felt almost close enough to satisfaction when this particular clarity set in: that from childhood, in school to be precise, there is this concept of studying in class 1, 2, 3, 4, so on, then write the final exam for the year, and move on.

We are updated, upgraded, moved into the next class and then sit in on its respective exam, and move up.

Like as if we are now clearing up a level in a video game and moving on to the next level.

Clearing up!

That’s why this mindset of “clearing up a level” sticks forever to the mind… it’s how every child is framed and designed to lead the life.

It’s how a college life is designed too. It’s how all the professional level exams are designed. It’s how even some workplaces function – work for few years towards the promotion, rinse, and repeat.

Not denying that all the professional level exams have their own rightful purpose to gauge one’s knowledge, understanding, and expertise before operating on someone, or helping file taxes, or flying a machine that has people’s lives at stake. Nevertheless, this mindset, when wrongly assumed to be the way how our lives are designed at large and if subsequently applied as our everyday compass to navigate our lives – it gets quite dangerous.

Crime, deception, disappointment, loneliness, depression, cast out feeling, nothingness – all creep in – because the world favors only winners.

Only the people who say ‘what’s next?’.

Only the people who moved on to the next level often gets remembered. There are billions of random regular guys out here in the world who gets ignored. There is nothing unique, except they are some random unique number for statistical population counts.

Life is not about clearing up levels, I guess.

It’s all about learning, loving, living, and failing in all of those three areas and then trying all over again.

To pass in life, we need to fail. We need to consecutively fail at many things. There is no such thing as success in life – it’s just the way of life.

But failure, it changes one’s mindset. Failing is the actual “clearing up”!

So, one could start anew, fresh. Success often gets with it a companion called “ego” – and a baggage – called “keeping up with it” or “living up to it” to eventually go for the next success. To maintain that image.

But failure has no baggage, no requests. It shouldn’t be seen as ’empty’, but conceived and perceived as ‘void’, where all that creation happens. Where value is born.

If adding up more trophies, more accolades, more certificates, more friends, more wealth is defined to be the success in this worldly life – then the natural losing and deduction of things, people, material things from our lives is how our lives are designed.

In the end, only one question remains – what did we do with our lives? It doesn’t have to be world-changing. Or leaving a dent in the universe.

Even if a child giggled because of you, consider your presence as “priceless”.

Nobody’s assurance is needed to feel your worth. Your heart knows it. That’s all it needs, that’s all it matters.

Failing is the new clearing up to move to the next level, not the success.

Try again. Fail again. But fail better.

“to become whole, first let yourself be broken!” – Lao-Tzu


Look. See. Observe. Gaze. Watch.

How does it matter if you are looking, but are not taking ‘in’ the information, that ‘needs’ to be taken in?

Regardless of the situation that we put ourselves in, if we learn to ‘see’ without labeling things, or events, or situation, or people as something, that our first hunch says, more information tends to flow in.

We tend to let that come in, without sticking a post-it note on ‘that’. So it could reveal what it has to – without our effort.

Next time, I need to understand something better, I will have to see, forgetting the name of the thing I see.


Who is God?

WhatsApp forwarded messages are a nuisance.

It takes away our precious time, energy, cognition and our conscious thinking powers. Sometimes, it takes away our ‘today’ into some distant memories, conflicts, and thought-processes which are seldom useful for our current life situations.

However, there is always a gemstone found among common stones, it just takes time to find one. Sometimes, it simply shines among the rest.

Today, I came across one such video from Mahatria Ra, Infinitheism. Below is the rough script from the video that I could write up listening to the video:

Who is God?

If there is an effect, there must be a cause.

There is nothing to discuss, like the Rig Veda says, we don’t what it is, but we know it is. If there is an effect, there must be a cause. There are creations around me, so there is a creator.

That brings us to the most important question to ask, who is this God?

The second law of cause and effect. Effect is nothing but “cause” itself in a different form. In a different manifestation.

The creator is embedded inside the creation.

Aren’t the sun rays the sun in a different form? Isn’t the gold necklace, gold in a different form? Aren’t the creations, the creator Himself in a different form?

Aham Brahmasmi!

I am the Brahman.

I am the creator.

I may not have been awakened until the point where I am able to see the divine manifestation within me yet, but as Bible says, God created the human being after his own image, which means, in essence, in every Jeevatma, there is some extract of the Paramatma which is deposited.

Effect is nothing but cause itself in a different form.

This explains the culture of this land, where they tell you everything should be worshipped.

People who do not understand the culture of this land, always say, in Hinduism, there are more Gods than people. But that is not what Sanatana Dharma prescribed or explained to us.

So, are we saying that God is omnipresent?


If so, is the God there in our parents?


In every creation, the Creator is embedded. In every form, the formlessness is present.

After all, in the presence of the formlessness only the form functions, otherwise it does not function. So in my parents also the formlessness is present, then God is present in my parents, which means our parents are God, and we must worship them.

Is it present in our children?

Yes. Then even children must be worshipped.

Is it there in your spouse?

The spouse must be worshipped.

Is it there in our money?

Oh definitely there is! Lakshmi! Money too should be worshipped then.

Is it there in my books? Yes, Saraswathi! Must be worshipped!

Is it there in the equipments, yes! Durga! Must be worshipped!

That is why, in this one country, even name board is worshipped. Bike is worshipped. Bulls, buffaloes, and cows are worshipped, because we say that the creation is nothing but the Creator embedded!

If you say, the effect is nothing but cause itself in a different form, which means every creation is the creator in a different manifestation, then in what the creator is not there?

When the creator is in everything, what cannot be worshipped?

Is it there in the moon? Yes, worship it.

Is it there in the sun? Yes, worship it.

Is it there in the stars? Yes, worship it.

Is it there in the fire, air, water, space, earth, yes, worship everything.

Is it there in the snake, tree, rivers, mountains, valleys – yes worship everything!

And he had the courage to ask this question – is it there in You?

Yes, even in me, the formlessness is there, that is why I am functioning, because in the absence of which I will not function.

So as long as you’re breathing, God is beating inside you, worship thyself to Aham Brahmasmi – not out of any arrogance for who I am, but out of reverence to who is inside me. Not who I am, who is within me is worshipped.

So, when I bow down to you, I am not bowing down to your M.B.B.S, CA, Money, I am bowing down to the divine presence within you.

That is why it said, I in spirit, and you in spirit are one and the same. I respect the God in you and please respect the God within me.

We may be playing all the fool outside, but deep inside, there is a divine presence.


To each, his own.

Meditation is observation.

It’s to liberate oneself from mind, intellect, and ego.

Body, if left alone, either sleeps (if we possess consciousness) or dies (cells die) where we no longer are conscious within the realms of the body.

Having worked with taxation for quite a number of years, I have worked with States and Forms, but little did I realize that Meditation too is to work with states and forms, but in this case, it’s to go beyond forms, and states. Sorry, this pun was an intended one.

Some say to focus on the breath. That’s correct although that is not all. It’s the gate through which one passes to the formless state.

It’s to shun the senses (mind). Discard any knowledge (intellect). Not to get into friction with anyone (even the thoughts (ego)).

The vital thing to realize is we don’t pass or go into some far away plane. The journey is inward.

The worst thing is that all these words above are said and used by people whose count is in billions for so many years and have been passed on as routine; the words can convey only so much leaving the rest to an individual to travel on his own.

The experience is unique to everyone just like the fingerprint.

meditationTo each, his own.

Why should we wake up early?


The Universe is always at work.

Before the solar system was formed, after it was formed, yesterday, today, tomorrow, when we sleep, when we breathe – all the time it’s at work.

We wake up every day, eat, cleanup, work, sleep, procreate, expire, and rinse n repeat this process. All of us including theists, atheists, agnostics, everyone accepts this one fact that there is a power beyond human grasp and our cognitive abilities.

This universe can only work with our help – people, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, micro-organisms, and sometimes aliens.

We are not born without powers altogether. We do have a role to play in this game of life. The universe works through us. The universe has a plan that executes through us.

The universe lives through us.

We are tools. Mere tools, in the hands of that unknown power.

Call it god, coincidence, chance meetings, serendipitous events or luck.

We, humans, are good at complicating things…so many names, for one thing, a simple fact.that exists “universally”.

Consider this image.

why to wake up early

The box you see is the earth we are all born into. Those gloves are us.

The unseen hands you see are literally the unseen hands we’re talking about.

We are so naive and innocent that we assume those hands are us. That’s why we often say…

“I did this”.

“I did that”.

“It’s my creation”. And so on.

But actually, it’s that unseen hand that does the work for us, through us.

That’s why it’s so hard to grasp even for science as to who puts the thought into our heads, who injects life power into a human body that makes the limbs move and lungs breath and hearts beat.

Millions of nerves and billions of cells on auto pilot…how are all that possible. There must be some greater mind at work.

Here is another example.

We use a hammer to tighten or remove a nail from a piece of wood and proclaim we did that job. But what if the hammer could think and speak and they say the same thing?

Wouldn’t we just laugh it away? That’s exactly the same happening here.

There is a universal power at work calling us to action every morning and day and night.

To wake us up as early as possible and find what we are good at to offer and contribute to the world’s evolution. The universe cannot work without us.

Our powers are needed for it to work.

“Sleep…” as some say, 6 to 8 hours are required per day. But that’s 25 percent of a day which equals 25 percent of our lives!

On the other hand, look at sleep as a necessary rest for our eyes and brain and limbs. Our body needs rest.

As soon as the body feels better with the rest taken, it can get back to work. Similar to charging a phone fit enough for the next few hours.

Take a lot of breaks. Spend a lot of time with nature as much as you can. Laugh out loud and live happily.

We are just tools working for some bigger purpose.

Don’t get caught in the minutiae of short-sighted goals. Once done, we will go back to the box.

Let’s live while we live.

There will be enough time to sleep once the time is over.


How to Build a Billion Dollar App – Book Notes

Buy the book from Amazon: http://amzn.to/2rCAjqX (opens in a new tab)


Disclaimer: this article is more personal in nature that is more relevant to me. And not a review that you can rely on to buy, though I strongly recommend getting this book if you want to address some key points while developing your mobile app – yes the book is particular in saying that ‘mobile’ app is the way to go compared to other platforms.

Also, the above link to the book is an affiliate link, just so you know.

Notes: There are many sentences and phrases that I would love quoting from this book written by George Berkowski. It is not possible to give them all in here.

It addresses a lot of key issues with sufficient examples on how other entrepreneurs did it.

Overall, it motivates, assures, and provides some guidance on how to build a billion dollar app ourselves.

That being said, although I don’t have any deep interest in publishing an app immediately, this book is definitely a reference that I am shelving today to come back later.

Highlights: As I said above, I am not giving complete highlights here, just a few, for example, these are all basic and common words but they are solid advice:

Creating a robust name and brand from the very beginning is critical. But it’s damn hard. And it can take quite a bit of time to find something that feels just right. From the onset I would recommend a couple of strategies. First, don’t let the name hold you up from designing your app or even beginning the software development – you can refine the name in parallel. Second, don’t settle for an OK name. A great name is 10 times better than a good name. So invest the time now, because down the line there will be a million reasons why it’s close to impossible to change it.

There are five types of metrics to remember (they are quite pirate-like – AARRR):

ACQUISITION: users downloading your app from a variety of channels; • ACTIVATION: users enjoying their first ‘happy’ experience on your app; • RETENTION: users coming back and using your app multiple times; • REFERRAL: users loving your app so much they refer others to download it; • REVENUE: users completing actions on your app that you’re able to monetise.

Even if you’re an app, you need a website. If people Google you, they should be able to find you easily. Ideally, you want your site to focus on helping people download your app – i.e. a crisp, snappy description – and then a clear download button that links directly to the app stores you’re on.

George Berkowski. How to Build a Billion Dollar App: Discover the Secrets of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs of Our Time (Kindle Locations 2058-2060). Little, Brown Book Group. Kindle Edition.

important factors that you need to consider when coming up with a name: • Is your name short, catchy and memorable? Hailo is about hailing a taxi. Snapchat is about chatting, rapidly. Waze is about finding the best ways through traffic. • Is your name distinctive? Uber meant little until it became your on-demand chauffeur. If you can’t cut through the noise with a clear name, make one up. Etsy was a nonsense word, but is now synonymous with ‘marketplace for handmade goods’. • Is your name clever? Does it make people smile? The Square app allows you to ‘square up’ your bill. Pinterest allows me to ‘pin’ all the things I find interesting. • Can your name become a verb? Hailo me a taxi, Google that word. This is one of the most powerful characteristics – and one you can’t force. But you can ensure that your name is conducive to this usage.

George Berkowski. How to Build a Billion Dollar App: Discover the Secrets of the Most Successful Entrepreneurs of Our Time (Kindle Locations 1532-1539). Little, Brown Book Group. Kindle Edition.