Subvocalization – How to Overcome This Bane of Bookworms?

Caution – this article might completely change your perception on reading, forever, if you allow it do so. Unless you are gifted naturally to read every line you come across without saying it in your mind AND comprehending it – this process which is called subvocalization – is a tough thing to get rid of.… Continue reading Subvocalization – How to Overcome This Bane of Bookworms?

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Rich Dad Poor Dad – : What The Rich Teach Their Kids About Money – That The Poor And Middle Class Do Not! A classic book about thinking and dealing with money. After a lot of procrastination, I finally got to this book. I have never done this before, but I did a reading… Continue reading Rich Dad Poor Dad

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It’s all in the Mind!

Middle class is not a status. It’s a mindset. Not everyone understands this. Some people who are rich [in wealth] are still prudent and dressed simply. You can outwardly be rich,

How Our Mind Engine Works

I am a reasonably self-conscious person. Meaning, I keep monitoring my thoughts and study how they affect my day. With that in mind, I took time today to reflect on a particular serendipitous event.