Weight of Trophy is Never Painful

Be stubborn if that is what it takes.
Do or die…as if everything is at stake.
Let your blood get hot…red hot.
Let the heat of the blood steam your engine.
Go above and beyond…as far as you can go and as higher as you can reach.
Our earlier failures are ready to teach.
Clear the clouds that block the rays of the Sun.
On your mark, get set, go…the race has just begun.
It’s not the bronze or silver that we want,
either get the Gold or say you can’t.
If you are not first, then consider you as last.
It’s the will to win that’s the important cast.
The world is waiting to cheer you up,but only after seeing you win.
The race could be longer…but just run for your kin.
Don’t stop with the sound of claps, you might lose the sight of the tower,
for the milestones would only show the remaining distance to cover.
Only seizing the chance can make you a star,
and the day of winning is not very far.
The flunks are bitter but never awful,
and the weight of the trophy is never painful.

Win the War


It’s a dream filled world…
never forget to dream.
You never know where your life would turn
but let the fuel constantly burn.
The seeds in an apple can be counted,
but the apples that a seed can give can never be counted.
Dreams are like seeds…plant your seed today, water it, nourish it, one day you’ll cherish it.
Don’t just follow luck.
Luck is not just in a four clove maple leaf.
Hard work should top the list,
let not laziness cover your way as a mist,
for luck is just a torch that can show you the way to walk the road,
but hardwork is like sun, helps you walk your life, it never sleeps…may set at one place but at the same time it’s rising somewhere else.
Which means that even if you lose the battle…you have a lesson.
Learn from it, get on… move on… to win your war.

What is life?


Be born everyday.
Do everything fresh everyday.
Develop people skills and meet all kinds of people.
Develop trust.
Develop your own style, own approach to everything.
Be just to anything under the sun.
Read read and read – books and people and books about people.
Forget the past.
Live your life as if it was your last day on the earth.
money is at its best if it’s dearth.
Sing your song of life and dance to your own tunes.
Remember, life is short…but long enough for us to realize that the real bliss can never be without us, but within us…

(Auto)Motive of Life


Life is like driving a car…
some things should be left, few thoughts might appear right.
Follow them.
But keep your rear view mirror clear, for forgetting your past mistakes could cost you dear.
Remember, objects in the mirror may seem closer than they appear.
So get going, for long gaze at the mirror,
might reward you with a terror.
Speed breakers come and go, for you must occasionally get slow.
These are not just hiccups, but a reminder for you to soon pickup.Life’s gifts are strange…it gives you what you don’t ask for…all of us are gifted, it’s that only few open our┬ápackage…