Power of Compounding

Here’s one of my favorite maths: We run with our chores everyday with so much focus(?) that we tend to forget the ground rules of life. Hard work always pays. But then some say smart work beats that. Agreed, but these phrases cannot be ‘blanket’ applied on everything in life. Some demand hard and deep… Continue reading Power of Compounding


Sometimes, there is this feeling that we are not progressing in life. But then again, I think, why is this feeling in the head, first of all? Where did that creep in from? Finally, after some empty staring into nothingness, and pondering, I felt almost close enough to satisfaction when this particular clarity set in:… Continue reading Clear


Look. See. Observe. Gaze. Watch. How does it matter if you are looking, but are not taking ‘in’ the information, that ‘needs’ to be taken in? Regardless of the situation that we put ourselves in, if we learn to ‘see’ without labeling things, or events, or situation, or people as something, that our first hunch says,… Continue reading Seeing


To each, his own. Meditation is observation. It’s to liberate oneself from mind, intellect, and ego. Body, if left alone, either sleeps (if we possess consciousness) or dies (cells die) where we no longer are conscious within the realms of the body. Having worked with taxation for quite a number of years, I have worked… Continue reading Meditation

Why should we wake up early?

  The Universe is always at work. Before the solar system was formed, after it was formed, yesterday, today, tomorrow, when we sleep, when we breathe – all the time it’s at work. We wake up every day, eat, cleanup, work, sleep, procreate, expire, and rinse n repeat this process. All of us including theists,… Continue reading Why should we wake up early?

It’s all in the Mind!

Middle class is not a status. It’s a mindset. Not everyone understands this. Some people who are rich [in wealth] are still prudent and dressed simply. You can outwardly be rich,