Don’t just count your steps but take steps in Life that Counts

Plan your lifetime in years.  Plan your events in months.Continue Reading

What Am I Reading Today

I do have a Goodreads account with a partial list of my books, the ones I read and the ones I want to read. Continue Reading

Focusing is Everything.

The title of this post has four words.

Focusing is everything. (including the period)

Of late, I have seen myself getting distracted and changing my styles. Style of writing, style of reading, style of talking, style of thinking.Continue Reading

How Our Mind Engine Works

I am a reasonably self-conscious person. Meaning, I keep monitoring my thoughts and study how they affect my day. With that in mind, I took time today to reflect on a particular serendipitous event.Continue Reading

People in my life

All this world is an empty place without people in it.

Even if you own all the riches, and don’t have people around to share your wealth and joy, it’ll equal the worth of dust.Continue Reading

My Philosophies

You cannot run away from your duties.

Focus the task at hand. But never forget the big picture.

Life is short. Be of use.

There is nothing called perfection.

There is a room for improvement, almost always.

Hard work always pays. Persistence too.

Fall in love with being the # 1. Be the Pioneer.

Find ways to help people.

Realize the difference between activity and productivity.


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Who Am I? [still thinking]

Hi! I am Arun Sarathy. You are either my friend, relative, just landed here by accident or through my other websites- thekeyponderer or talyr. Whatever the case may be, just drop a 'hi' and let me know that you were here. If you are wondering what I do, I write some stuff on technology, latest news, nice technology tips – this is the birth story of my website. I also like to listen to songs and sing too, sometimes. But to sing, I prefer to have the lyrics ready. This I do by first listening to the song, then writing  typing it down and saving it for any other person who needs it. That's how my was born. But that's not exactly who I am! Isn't it…for how easy life would be if a person can answer the question 'who am I' so easily. That's why the tagline…'still thinking'.

Will post a new one here when I find out. Until then…


God speed!