Focusing is Everything.

The title of this post has four words.

Focusing is everything. (including the period)

Of late, I have seen myself getting distracted and changing my styles. Style of writing, style of reading, style of talking, style of thinking.

Thankfully my style of doing hasn’t changed. But I still have my weakness. It’s jumping from one thought to another. From one book to another. From one project to another.

Though I am grateful for the opportunities in front of me, partly created by me, and partly I received from others, I must focus.

It’s the impact that others have on me. Or is it that I allow them to affect me?

Seems more like the latter because the former to happen means they should see me. However, it’s me who is reading, thinking, writing and talking and they don’t even know I am following their writings and other works.

It is a complicated thing to consistently focus on one thing for long in this age of internet and information overload.

It wasn’t the same when/where I grew up. No other screens except the TV (after few years of waiting) and occasional movie theater screens. Play hard or study. Perhaps, that’s why my childhood days are so vividly ingrained in memory than my last 12 years. These years have been so transitionary that only the routines have changed a little.

What did I learn? Most of them are about people and the way they work, including me. No subjects, if at all, apart from my self-interest in learning some programming languages – I know none completely (OMG, there’s so much to learn AND remember).

Even when I sit to read a book, I don’t remember much of it once I finish it and months pass by. I have read more than 55 books so far in my life – with an average page count of 150 – I never mind huge volumes or few pages as long as the content is worth the time invested in reading.

To summarize, I wish I could just focus more on something that I wanted to learn. Grasp a book deep into my bloodstream. Remember what I learned by comprehending than just browsing it through.

Is it a choice?

I wish, I hope, it is. I want to think it is. I think, it’s just me who should figure this out for myself as some things in life don’t have any validation. No answers. Just abstraction.

We want original ideas. Not repurposed or second-time-cooked meals. We want fresh. Human eyes know when it sees one. Human brains recognize it the moment a new idea is introduced. Of course, we can make something existing better – and that’s allowed. Or else, the society will die in suffocation with mediocre products and ideas.

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