To each, his own.

Meditation is observation.

It’s to liberate oneself from mind, intellect, and ego.

Body, if left alone, either sleeps (if we possess consciousness) or dies (cells die) where we no longer are conscious within the realms of the body.

Having worked with taxation for quite a number of years, I have worked with States and Forms, but little did I realize that Meditation too is to work with states and forms, but in this case, it’s to go beyond forms, and states. Sorry, this pun was an intended one.

Some say to focus on the breath. That’s correct although that is not all. It’s the gate through which one passes to the formless state.

It’s to shun the senses (mind). Discard any knowledge (intellect). Not to get into friction with anyone (even the thoughts (ego)).

The vital thing to realize is we don’t pass or go into some far away plane. The journey is inward.

The worst thing is that all these words above are said and used by people whose count is in billions for so many years and have been passed on as routine; the words can convey only so much leaving the rest to an individual to travel on his own.

The experience is unique to everyone just like the fingerprint.

meditationTo each, his own.

By Arun

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