People in my life

All this world is an empty place without people in it.

Even if you own all the riches, and don’t have people around to share your wealth and joy, it’ll equal the worth of dust.

Gratitude is the way to show how much one appreciates life. And life is nothing without the experiences learned. Experiences are gained by living with people. Some whom I have met and some whom I have only interacted one way – they talk, I listen through their written work. I once read a book called ‘The Five People You Meet In Heaven‘ which talks about 5 key people who have made a paradigm shift in one’s life, either knowingly or unknowingly, either by them on our life or by us in their lives. In the same way, I wanted to mention, quote and show my gratitude to my people for teaching me their pieces of lessons in life, which when put together makes my complete life – I am made of what I have learned from them. Some of them include people from my work-life too like Tracey Grant, Sudhakar Tetali, etc.

I neither have just 5 people nor am I sure I will go to heaven – but all I know is that without their presence in this life, I don’t know what my life would have turned about.

My Family
Everyone in it. Especially Father, Mother, Brother, and Wife, for everything they have done, do and will do.
My mere words cannot thank you enough.

Doctors and Nurses
Dr. Lalitha Rao in Kerala, GYN who took care of my birth.
Nurses who administered medicinal drops and care for my healthy birth and growth even before I started to walk.

School Teachers
Kindergarten, High school, and college teachers – every one of them.

Tracey, Sudhakar

Michael Hyatt

Brian Kim

Seth Godin

Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan
The One Thing

Deepak Chopra
7 Spiritual Laws of Success

Shiv Khera
You can win

Mark Sanborn
Fred Factor

Marty Neumeier
The Brand Gap

Robin Sharma
All his work, videos

Paulo Coelho
The Alchemist

Richard Bach
Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois
How to train your dragon

Marshall Goldsmith
What got you here, won’t get you there

Subroto Bagchi
The Professional

Amish Tripathi
Shiva Trilogy

Robert Greene

Sudhir Mittal
Life will smile at you

Randy Pausch
The last lecture

Malcolm Gladwell
Outliers – The Story of Success

Patrick Flynn and his book (Let go)

Friends¬†My (very few) close friends like Shridhar Mahadevan¬†and many others whose names I don’t know – like the few good hearts who appear in the news for good reasons and the strangers on the roads in this Big Good World.

Thank You.

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