Dictionary defines a Pointer as ‘a hint as to what might happen in the future’.

We live in a maze called World where we bump into different experiences, people, events, books and thoughts that lead us all to somewhere.

There is an old saying in Tamil: Ennam Pol Vaazhkkai (எண்ணம் போல் வாழ்க்கை). Roughly, translated into English, it means: Thoughts are things. 

If consciously thought-out, one can come to a conclusion that one’s own thoughts are determined by the surroundings we put ourselves in. And that could be changed using some Pointers which are available around us. A key pointer, in my opinion, that plays a big role is our best friend – a book. For those who are visually satisfied, it transforms into a movie.

To that end, I gave the ones that had changed the way I think.

Books, and movies.


In life, I strongly believe that everyone must have the habit of reading books. Here are some books that I’ve read and strongly recommend for you to read – these changed the way I think about life – personal and professional.

If you ask which category these books fall under – there is only one category – ‘Serendipity‘. I just stumbled upon these purely based on coincidence – either somebody recommended it to me or I just found it (or rather the book found me!).

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