How Our Mind Engine Works

I am a reasonably self-conscious person. Meaning, I keep monitoring my thoughts and study how they affect my day. With that in mind, I took time today to reflect on a particular serendipitous event.


And found out a revelation or rather an obvious finding on how the search engine worked. It was so obvious to see that it was a replica of our mind.

I created a tool called VoicePaint, as you might know if you have been following me for the past few months. I also moved from Amazon to 2checkout and was working on creating my sandbox testing of the button.

And it began…

  • I searched my emails and somehow stumbled on my very old subscribed email from – the excel superstar.
  • I happened to read his email newsletter by chance that was the beginning of this serendipitous experience I am about to share.
  • It was an email written in the wee hours of a Dec 31st of 2015 ending thanking his editors and readers.
  • Chandoo had thanked Tropical MBA too among others.
  • I visited Tropical MBA and learned more about them – I have heard about them before and known a little, and since I had some time at hand now, I thought of checking them out more in detail.
  • I read their recent blog post about a book that caused an impact on the authors of Tropical MBA.
  • The book happens to be ‘what technology wants’, by Kevin Kelly.
  • I set out to read some online snippets about the book, loved it and checked it out at Amazon if it was available.
  • Went with the soft copy option and started reading it right away.
  • Now was the time I became self-conscious, took a step back to reflect on what caused this all.

It was a simple act of searching my email for an activation process email from 2checkout > that showed me chandoo’s email > which took me to Tropical MBA and > that led me to this new book that I haven’t heard of.

This is now taking me on a roller-coaster ride of a simple man’s mind in the early technology age of 1960s and 70s – the age in which I long to have been born – somehow I feel that life would have been better then – for it could have easily nourished creators and made sense of the current world better than just be mere consumers of others’ produces.

If you have been with me till now, I am sure you would have got the open clue about a pattern of how a search engine works. It just acts like a monkeying mind, passing on from a thought to a thought – from a hyperlink to a hyperlink.

No wonder why when a search engine like Google, which clearly imitates a human mind – minus distractions and graphics and unnecessary popups like the yesteryear pre-google-era search engines, became an instant hit.

That’s how the human mind worked.

That’s how we work.

That’s why Google won.

That’s why Google still wins.

Thanks for reading.

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