Weight of Trophy is Never Painful

Be stubborn if that is what it takes.
Do or die…as if everything is at stake.
Let your blood get hot…red hot.
Let the heat of the blood steam your engine.
Go above and beyond…as far as you can go and as higher as you can reach.
Our earlier failures are ready to teach.
Clear the clouds that block the rays of the Sun.
On your mark, get set, go…the race has just begun.
It’s not the bronze or silver that we want,
either get the Gold or say you can’t.
If you are not first, then consider you as last.
It’s the will to win that’s the important cast.
The world is waiting to cheer you up,but only after seeing you win.
The race could be longer…but just run for your kin.
Don’t stop with the sound of claps, you might lose the sight of the tower,
for the milestones would only show the remaining distance to cover.
Only seizing the chance can make you a star,
and the day of winning is not very far.
The flunks are bitter but never awful,
and the weight of the trophy is never painful.
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