Who is God?

WhatsApp forwarded messages are a nuisance.

It takes away our precious time, energy, cognition and our conscious thinking powers. Sometimes, it takes away our ‘today’ into some distant memories, conflicts, and thought-processes which are seldom useful for our current life situations.

However, there is always a gemstone found among common stones, it just takes time to find one. Sometimes, it simply shines among the rest.

Today, I came across one such video from Mahatria Ra, Infinitheism. Below is the rough script from the video that I could write up listening to the video:

Who is God?

If there is an effect, there must be a cause.

There is nothing to discuss, like the Rig Veda says, we don’t what it is, but we know it is. If there is an effect, there must be a cause. There are creations around me, so there is a creator.

That brings us to the most important question to ask, who is this God?

The second law of cause and effect. Effect is nothing but “cause” itself in a different form. In a different manifestation.

The creator is embedded inside the creation.

Aren’t the sun rays the sun in a different form? Isn’t the gold necklace, gold in a different form? Aren’t the creations, the creator Himself in a different form?

Aham Brahmasmi!

I am the Brahman.

I am the creator.

I may not have been awakened until the point where I am able to see the divine manifestation within me yet, but as Bible says, God created the human being after his own image, which means, in essence, in every Jeevatma, there is some extract of the Paramatma which is deposited.

Effect is nothing but cause itself in a different form.

This explains the culture of this land, where they tell you everything should be worshipped.

People who do not understand the culture of this land, always say, in Hinduism, there are more Gods than people. But that is not what Sanatana Dharma prescribed or explained to us.

So, are we saying that God is omnipresent?


If so, is the God there in our parents?


In every creation, the Creator is embedded. In every form, the formlessness is present.

After all, in the presence of the formlessness only the form functions, otherwise it does not function. So in my parents also the formlessness is present, then God is present in my parents, which means our parents are God, and we must worship them.

Is it present in our children?

Yes. Then even children must be worshipped.

Is it there in your spouse?

The spouse must be worshipped.

Is it there in our money?

Oh definitely there is! Lakshmi! Money too should be worshipped then.

Is it there in my books? Yes, Saraswathi! Must be worshipped!

Is it there in the equipments, yes! Durga! Must be worshipped!

That is why, in this one country, even name board is worshipped. Bike is worshipped. Bulls, buffaloes, and cows are worshipped, because we say that the creation is nothing but the Creator embedded!

If you say, the effect is nothing but cause itself in a different form, which means every creation is the creator in a different manifestation, then in what the creator is not there?

When the creator is in everything, what cannot be worshipped?

Is it there in the moon? Yes, worship it.

Is it there in the sun? Yes, worship it.

Is it there in the stars? Yes, worship it.

Is it there in the fire, air, water, space, earth, yes, worship everything.

Is it there in the snake, tree, rivers, mountains, valleys – yes worship everything!

And he had the courage to ask this question – is it there in You?

Yes, even in me, the formlessness is there, that is why I am functioning, because in the absence of which I will not function.

So as long as you’re breathing, God is beating inside you, worship thyself to Aham Brahmasmi – not out of any arrogance for who I am, but out of reverence to who is inside me. Not who I am, who is within me is worshipped.

So, when I bow down to you, I am not bowing down to your M.B.B.S, CA, Money, I am bowing down to the divine presence within you.

That is why it said, I in spirit, and you in spirit are one and the same. I respect the God in you and please respect the God within me.

We may be playing all the fool outside, but deep inside, there is a divine presence.

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