Why should we wake up early?


The Universe is always at work.

Before the solar system was formed, after it was formed, yesterday, today, tomorrow, when we sleep, when we breathe – all the time it’s at work.

We wake up every day, eat, cleanup, work, sleep, procreate, expire, and rinse n repeat this process. All of us including theists, atheists, agnostics, everyone accepts this one fact that there is a power beyond human grasp and our cognitive abilities.

This universe can only work with our help – people, animals, birds, reptiles, insects, micro-organisms, and sometimes aliens.

We are not born without powers altogether. We do have a role to play in this game of life. The universe works through us. The universe has a plan that executes through us.

The universe lives through us.

We are tools. Mere tools, in the hands of that unknown power.

Call it god, coincidence, chance meetings, serendipitous events or luck.

We, humans, are good at complicating things…so many names, for one thing, a simple fact.that exists “universally”.

Consider this image.

why to wake up early

The box you see is the earth we are all born into. Those gloves are us.

The unseen hands you see are literally the unseen hands we’re talking about.

We are so naive and innocent that we assume those hands are us. That’s why we often say…

“I did this”.

“I did that”.

“It’s my creation”. And so on.

But actually, it’s that unseen hand that does the work for us, through us.

That’s why it’s so hard to grasp even for science as to who puts the thought into our heads, who injects life power into a human body that makes the limbs move and lungs breath and hearts beat.

Millions of nerves and billions of cells on auto pilot…how are all that possible. There must be some greater mind at work.

Here is another example.

We use a hammer to tighten or remove a nail from a piece of wood and proclaim we did that job. But what if the hammer could think and speak and they say the same thing?

Wouldn’t we just laugh it away? That’s exactly the same happening here.

There is a universal power at work calling us to action every morning and day and night.

To wake us up as early as possible and find what we are good at to offer and contribute to the world’s evolution. The universe cannot work without us.

Our powers are needed for it to work.

“Sleep…” as some say, 6 to 8 hours are required per day. But that’s 25 percent of a day which equals 25 percent of our lives!

On the other hand, look at sleep as a necessary rest for our eyes and brain and limbs. Our body needs rest.

As soon as the body feels better with the rest taken, it can get back to work. Similar to charging a phone fit enough for the next few hours.

Take a lot of breaks. Spend a lot of time with nature as much as you can. Laugh out loud and live happily.

We are just tools working for some bigger purpose.

Don’t get caught in the minutiae of short-sighted goals. Once done, we will go back to the box.

Let’s live while we live.

There will be enough time to sleep once the time is over.


By Arun

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