Win the War


It’s a dream filled world…
never forget to dream.
You never know where your life would turn
but let the fuel constantly burn.
The seeds in an apple can be counted,
but the apples that a seed can give can never be counted.
Dreams are like seeds…plant your seed today, water it, nourish it, one day you’ll cherish it.
Don’t just follow luck.
Luck is not just in a four clove maple leaf.
Hard work should top the list,
let not laziness cover your way as a mist,
for luck is just a torch that can show you the way to walk the road,
but hardwork is like sun, helps you walk your life, it never sleeps…may set at one place but at the same time it’s rising somewhere else.
Which means that even if you lose the battle…you have a lesson.
Learn from it, get on… move on… to win your war.
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